Exhibition at last ready…

Oriel Ynys MonA5handout

What a week!  Finishing, framing, mirror plating and wrapping 40 pictures for my exhibition at Oriel Ynys Mon Long Gallery, at Llangefni, Anglesey.  This represents about two years’ work, watching and drawing seabirds in the UK and the Falkland Islands.  It’s been fun!  The work has really changed over that time: I started off with oils on canvas that I stretched myself:


Gentoo Penguin, oil on canvas


and finished by using mostly egg tempera on board:


West Indian Whistling Duck (seen at Slimbridge!), egg tempera on board


and also started my very exciting (to me, anyway!) Icon series – interactive pieces with a hinged front.



Icon: Rockhopper Penguin, egg tempera and gold leaf, inside


Icon: Rockhopper Penguin, front

Going to go and have a look at the exhibition tomorrow!!  Then taking a few days off !

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2 Responses to Exhibition at last ready…

  1. I’m digging your artwork – it looks amazing!

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