Without Borders Exhibition, Swansea

Very excited to have work in this exhibition, at the Elysium Gallery in Swansea. It’s a long way to go in a day from North Wales, but hoping to get there soon! Thank you to Julie at Plas Bodfa for arranging our entry.

You can see their website here.

Mine is the one with two gannets!

Doesn’t it look interesting? Really looking forward to getting there.

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Little starry birds!

I am very thrilled that little images of my birds are now available on the Plas Bodfa website.

Follow these links:

Stargazing Birds

fullsizeoutput_944A glimpse into the world of birds, as they look upwards in wonder, gazing at the immensity of the natural world.

edition of 10 (above is a sample, click link for full range)
oil on board
15 x 21 x 2mm, £40

Mini Starry Birds

13-15_whiteedition of 10 (above is sample, click link for full range)
oil on Indian rag paper
9 x 14mm, £15 each


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Starry birds!

At last my installation is up at Plas Bodfa.  Although because of virus restrictions it isn’t open for visitors, at least it has an online presence and I have the satisfaction of seeing my vision made actual.  Here are a few images for now!



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Foiled by the virus!!

In April I was supposed to be taking part in a pop-up exhibition at the lovely Plas Bodfa, an old country house in Anglesey. I worked hard on creating an installation, which unfortunately had to be postponed at the last minute due to the dreaded coronavirus. Hopefully it will take place later in the year, but in the meantime, the wonderful Crumps Barn Studio have made a video of what might have been. Click here to watch it on vimeo, but here are some stills from it:


Stargazing peacock, oil on Himalayan rag paper, A1 size


6 and 7

Stargazing gannet and toucan, oil on Himalayan rag paper

panel 1

What it might look like!!

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Installation! Stargazing Birds!!

Very excited to be taking part in the Plas Bodfa Unus Multorum exhibition in April! I’m going to be filling a room with stargazing birds! You can find more about it here.




I am using acrylic inks and some gouache on Himalayan Washi paper, it’s very pleasing to work with. The pictures are each A2 size. Here are more…


Female Goosander!


Crowned Crane


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Pop Up Exhibition!

All welcome to drop in to our pop up Exhibition in Treffnant, near Denbigh, North Wales, to chat, browse, and have a drink, cake and/or lunch at the on-site café.

Handout with all details below.  Here is a picture I’ve just finished for it, after a visit to Dolgellau in mid-Wales.


Cader Idris, oil on canvas; 40 cm x 15 cm, £300.

I love mountains, always inspired by low cloud playing around the top.  It was especially alarming that day as one of our party was climbing to the summit, but he got back safely!

Here is the handout, with full details:

Art Exhibition J:J 6best




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Ancient Copper Landscapes…


At Parys Mountain  I, oil on canvas

Recently I’ve been sketching and painting at Parys Mountain on Anglesey, a desolate area where copper has been mined since Roman times, leaving interesting staining and bleaching on the landscape.  It is colour and form that interests me most at the moment.


At Parys Mountain II, oil on board

I love the underpainting on this, the gold glows through the pink….

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Experiments in gold leaf

Oof!  My exhibition at Oriel Ynys Mon (click here) on Anglesey still has a month to run.  It’s been hard work, as pictures sell off the walls to all the tourists who pass through there, so I’ve been painting like mad to fill the gaps.  Here are some new pictures.  I’ve been experimenting with ‘icons’, which are hinged – they have found materials, drawings of skulls, random (relevant) pictures on the front, and a ‘surprise’ painting with gold leaf inside – a bird icon!  Difficult to convey in pictures, so you have to imagine that you’re seeing the front and inside together…



Razorbill, not hinged!


Rhiannon’s birds#2 (inside)



Rhiannon’s birds#2 (outside)








This is another story from the Mabinogion.   Rhiannon’s birds sang the dead to life and the living to sleep…..



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Welsh tale

This started life as an icon with a hinged front but has now become a diptych.  The hinged front was really heavy, especially with slate glued to the front, and was a danger to passing artlovers!  It didn’t really work, we’ll have to see if it works better in this format.


Blodeuwedd, egg tempera on wood and ink on slate

It is flying off shortly to Oriel Ynys Mon to join my exhibition there, as there is a gap where another icon has been sold off the wall.

It is called Blodeuwedd – she was the wife of Leu but she fell in love with Gronw Pebr.  Together they murdered Leu, but he turned into an eagle and was brought back to life by the wizard Gwydion.  Leu sought out Blodeuwedd and Gronw Pebr, and threw a spear at Gronw Pebr, which went straight through the rock he was hiding behind and killed him.  It is now called the Slate of Gronw can be seen somewhere above Blaenau Ffestiniog  (I must go and look for it sometime!)  Blodeuwedd was turned into an owl by Gwydion for her part in these shenanigans.  I love the stories from the Mabinogion, more Mabinogion inspired work to follow shortly perhaps?


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Exhibition at last ready…

Oriel Ynys MonA5handout

What a week!  Finishing, framing, mirror plating and wrapping 40 pictures for my exhibition at Oriel Ynys Mon Long Gallery, at Llangefni, Anglesey.  This represents about two years’ work, watching and drawing seabirds in the UK and the Falkland Islands.  It’s been fun!  The work has really changed over that time: I started off with oils on canvas that I stretched myself:


Gentoo Penguin, oil on canvas


and finished by using mostly egg tempera on board:


West Indian Whistling Duck (seen at Slimbridge!), egg tempera on board


and also started my very exciting (to me, anyway!) Icon series – interactive pieces with a hinged front.



Icon: Rockhopper Penguin, egg tempera and gold leaf, inside


Icon: Rockhopper Penguin, front

Going to go and have a look at the exhibition tomorrow!!  Then taking a few days off !

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