Welsh tale

This started life as an icon with a hinged front but has now become a diptych.  The hinged front was really heavy, especially with slate glued to the front, and was a danger to passing artlovers!  It didn’t really work, we’ll have to see if it works better in this format.


Blodeuwedd, egg tempera on wood and ink on slate

It is flying off shortly to Oriel Ynys Mon to join my exhibition there, as there is a gap where another icon has been sold off the wall.

It is called Blodeuwedd – she was the wife of Leu but she fell in love with Gronw Pebr.  Together they murdered Leu, but he turned into an eagle and was brought back to life by the wizard Gwydion.  Leu sought out Blodeuwedd and Gronw Pebr, and threw a spear at Gronw Pebr, which went straight through the rock he was hiding behind and killed him.  It is now called the Slate of Gronw can be seen somewhere above Blaenau Ffestiniog  (I must go and look for it sometime!)  Blodeuwedd was turned into an owl by Gwydion for her part in these shenanigans.  I love the stories from the Mabinogion, more Mabinogion inspired work to follow shortly perhaps?


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