More ArtVend Magic!

What a rush!  Rushing to get out another tranch of ArtVend miniatures – I concentrated on hens this time:

Heaps of Hens!  Oil on wood

Heaps of Hens! Oil on wood

This is a fairly random selection, photographed in some haste before rushing them off to the gallery, Oriel Wrecsam.  However since they were oils, not all were dry in time so I supplemented with some watercolours:

Heaps of Hens! Watercolours

Heaps of Hens! Watercolours

This was prior to cutting up, rolling into a cylinder and tying with some pretty string.  Not sure I don’t prefer them actually.  The left hand one on the second line down is called a ‘Belgian Bearded D’Uccle’ and I have since done several more images of her and sold all of them.  She’s a handsome hen, but rather dotty looking, I think!  If anyone owns a hen like this and has a photo of her, I would love to see it!

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