Busy Open Studio

One reason I’ve been so busy this last month (see last post!) is that every weekend we have been opening our studio for the Helfa Gelf Open Studio event.  It’s a great opportunity to meet the people who actually buy and look at the pictures, as well as other artists, and also to get on with some work.  There aren’t so many excuses when you have to be in the studio all day anyway.

I’ve been taking the opportunity to develop my ‘Little Tern’ theme in different directions. I obtained some lovely texturous (is that a word?) – well anyway textured waxed plywood and have been experimenting with painting on it with oils:

Little Tern courtship, oil on wood

Little Tern courtship, oil on wood

You have to put a couple of layers of Gesso on first as a base, so have to be very organised.

I also experimented with watercolour:

Heaps of Hens! Watercolour on wood

Heaps of Hens! Watercolour on wood

Yes it’s my favourite Bearded Belgian D’Uccle hen! Not sure it’s even finished, as I sold it before I had a chance to sit back and assess.  This is watercolour on thick paper, spray glued onto the wood.  I wanted to tear it but the paper was too thick, must remember to tear it into shape before I paint next time!

Not sure which works best!

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5 Responses to Busy Open Studio

  1. nklfineart says:

    love this work, I love using wood its so beautiful as if your work!

  2. I’ve also been very busy at the beginning of the month with my Open Studio, but have since enjoyed the other point of view by visiting other peoples. Think it’s an excellent and fun way of meeting other artists, who also gave me such good advice!
    Well done with the experimenting, they look great!

  3. Oh, love the top one of the Terns! The shape and medium works well with the wood background! 🙂

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