Gesso Guillemot!


Guillemot,  oil on canvas

I had a really peaceful and productive afternoon in the studio today.  At the weekend we visited the South Stack on Anglesea where I sketched the guillemots, despite the massively strong winds that vibrated the binoculars and randomly turned over the pages in my sketchbook.  So when I came to paint, I wanted to get a looser sort of image to suit this wild habitat.  I used a pallet life and thick oils onto gesso’d linen, and finished off with thick pallet knived on gesso – never done that before.  I recently bought some really good quality gesso which I am trying to incorporate more into the finished painting as I love its texture and soft colours – it remains to be seen if it looks as good when it dries!

Continuing in this spirit of experimentalisation, I then put thick gesso onto board and tried to paint into it with oils and it was a disaster.  You can’t win them all.

Even more excitingly, had the proof copy of my new book today.  It looks fab!!!  Can’t wait to get the finished copies!

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2 Responses to Gesso Guillemot!

  1. fruitfuldark says:

    Beautiful painting, I wish I could learn to show that much restraint while painting. What is the size?

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