Clever camera!

Well I’m very pleased with myself anyway.  Following a super on-line seminar run by Helfa Gelf and The Design Trust, and led by professional photographer Yeshen, I’ve been inspired in recording my work for my exhibition (opens in 14 days at Theatre Clwyd Mold) more imaginatively.  In the display cabinet  I am going to put some of the interesting things I found while walking on Gronant Dunes – however the following is still a work in progress!  I’m trying out layouts at the moment.

Watercolour Thornback Ray, tail and skin

Watercolour Thornback Ray, tail and skin

This is a Thornback Ray tail, and part of the skin at the base of the spine.  Thornback Rays are covered in thorn-shaped spikes, and easily get caught up in fishing nets, so are cut free by cutting off the entire tail, which are then frequently washed up on the beach. Unfortunately the fish are considered inedible nowadays so the fish dies a useless death. Apparently in Victorian days fishermen were obliged to cut off the tail by law, as the genitals were considered to be too indecent for women to catch a glimpse of!


And this is my clever camera set up, when I tried to record it – well it’s clever for me, anyway!

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