Little Terns looming!

Countdown to my exhibition, far too late to add more paintings but caught up in the all the pre-exhibition excitement of framing, finishing, etc.

Finally finished the handout:

Little terns handout3singlefinalpdf

However here is the blurb:

At Gronant Dunes: Little Terns and Friends

Judith Samuel

Theatre Clwyd, Mold

2nd – 21st March 2015

The artist has spent a number of years observing the tiny Little Terns, a protected species, and their friends at Gronant Dunes, following them to their over-wintering site in Senegal in sunny West Africa.


Plunge diving, oil

Plunge diving, oil

This is another recent oil: when the Little Terns feed, they hover about 8 metres above the water then plunge straight down headfirst, grabbing their prey from just below surface level.  They usually fish in quite shallow water (as prey is closer to surface) so their breaking powers are phenomenal!!

However it is now far too late for oil painting, and as I also have the display cabinet, I am completing watercolours and drawings to accompany the display of fascinating bits and pieces I’ve found on the dunes and at the sea line: part of a seabird skeleton, thornback ray tail, plagioblissus or sea biscuit (sea urchin shell) …. This has been heaven, authorisation for wandering along the seashore picking things up and sticking them in my pocket – photos of these next blog.

Here is another photo to be going on with: roosting after a long day’s fishing:

Roosting after a hard day's fishing, oil

Roosting after a hard day’s fishing, oil


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