New exhibition looming!

With my exhibition at Theatr Clwyd, Mold, North Wales, getting ever closer, I’ve been hard at work in the studio for the last couple of months, with just a short break for Christmas!

'Little Terns: Storm Coming' oil on canvas

‘Little Terns: Storm Coming’ oil on canvas

I’m trying to capture the story of the Little Terns – tiny terns who over-winter in West Africa then migrate northwards.  Quite a few of them come to the reserve at Gronant, near Prestatyn, where they are protected as well as they can be by ever-vigilant wardens.

Little Terns are incredible aerial acrobats, who only really come to land to mate and nest.  Their courtship flights are amazing!  I literally have photos of them flying upside down!

'Little Tern Courtship': oil on canvas

‘Little Tern Courtship’: oil on canvas

Took a couple of hours off yesterday to take down my puffin picture from exhibition in the Oriel Mostyn Llandudno.

'Puffin!'.  At Oriel Mostyn, workshop in background

‘Puffin!’. At Oriel Mostyn, workshop in background

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7 Responses to New exhibition looming!

  1. Carol says:

    Wonderful paintings! Good luck with your show!!

  2. glennart says:

    Hi Judith, Very much like the Terns. I hope your show is a success. You may be interested in an exhibition I am involved in organising in Cardigan. Have a look at the details below and see if it suits you. Pleaseforward to anyone else who may be interested. Best wishes, Glenn

    > Hello, and a very happy 2015 to all of you from Square Pegs. > > We are proposing to run a week-long exhibition in Cardigan’s > Guildhall Gallery from 3rd May with a theme of “On the Wing.” We > are asking makers and artists whether they would be interested in > showing bird or flight-inspired work as part of this show – birds, > nests, feathers, wings, other things that fly… > > The costs will be a £20 exhibition fee and 25% commission on sales. > As this is a very specifically themed show we won’t necessarily be > expecting exhibitors to bring a stand and fill it, we will be very > happy to accept a selection of paintings, a few individual pieces > that could be displayed on plinths, or anything else you might like > to talk to us about in advance! For this exhibition we are also > happy to take delivery of your work and set it up for you if you > only wish to put in a few pieces. > > The usual Square Pegs protocols apply – we would ask that original > work is to the fore and that cards and reproductions/prints of > original work is kept as a discreet part of any display, and you > will need to have your own show insurance. > > This exhibition is still very much in the air – if you pardon the > pun – and we would be grateful if you could let us know whether you > would be interested in principle in taking part or not by the 16th > February. > > It’s lovely to be back in touch with you all again, and we look > forward to hearing from you. > > All the best > > Yvette > and the Square Pegs Team

    Art website

    Tatsuko trailer

  3. Suart says:

    Very impressed= I hope the exhibition goes well

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