Schizophrenia or artistic good sense?

Happy happy happy! A good week down at Samuel Studios!  I’ve been invited to speak at the MOROL (Institute of Welsh Maritime Historical Studies) Conference in November!  What an honour!  website:

Western Reef Egret, Senegal, oil on canvas

Western Reef Egret, Senegal, oil on canvas

Also sold another 2 paintings, one on my bird theme, one on my sailing ship theme.  I think I must be schizophrenic – I know professionally artists develop one distinctive style which gets them recognition, but I find that limiting, and at the moment I’m developing in two distinct directions, which is why I went for a calligraphy lesson with the brilliant Janet Smith at Oakleaf Studios, Anglesea this week. The two paintings I sold reflect these two quite distinct and equally satisfying directions.  I wonder what other artists feel about this?

The 'City of Ottawa' leaving Liverpool, mixed media

The ‘City of Ottawa’ leaving Liverpool, mixed media


Oh and I sold two books too!

Ironically only a week or two ago I was feeling a complete failure and quite ready to give everything up, both painting and research!

Check out Janet’s work on

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2 Responses to Schizophrenia or artistic good sense?

  1. Steve Clarke says:

    Hi Judith,
    Congratulations on your sales!
    I think that as an artist you should be free to explore any style you like. If more than one style or subject moves you to create art then you should consider yourself lucky.
    I have wondered about limiting myself to a certain style so as not to confuse potential patrons but creative freedom should trump everything else IMHO.
    Steve Clarke

  2. judithsamuel says:

    Thanks Steve! Thanks for the encouragement. Glad I’m not the only one to feel like this! I like your work too.

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