London Culture!

Old Tile, Gloucester Cathedral

Old Tile, Gloucester Cathedral

Having a couple of days being cultured in London.  I was supposed to be going to the Klee exhibition at Tate Modern but didn’t quite make it – maybe tomorrow.

Instead was delighted by the ‘At Anglesea Cottage’ exhibition at Messums on Cork Street – Guy Taplin does amazing driftwood bird sculptures – I really liked the one of 17 sanderlings flying along the side of a large boat – while Nancy (his wife or sister?) does equally amazing detailed bird paintings on unusual but lovely surfaces such as the spine of an old book, a diary page, etc: see:

Then went to the Society of Wildlife Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries:

I was really disappointed – there was some good works on show of course, but by and large I found it dispiritingly average.  I kept on thinking ‘that would make a good Christmas card for the RSPB’ which is hardly a mark of excellence!  The most inspiring part was ‘pages from notebooks’, which recorded detailed observations on projects lasting months, or years.  I felt inspired to go and do likewise – usually I’m too impatient to sit and sketch wildlife subjects, which never sit still and are usually experienced in a high wind or driving rain!

Old tiles, Gloucester Cathedral

Old tiles, Gloucester Cathedral

As I don’t have any photos from the exhibition I’m including photos I took of some lovely old tiles at Gloucester Cathedral a day or two ago, I’m sure these are going to crop up in a painting sooner or later.  Aren’t they lovely!  Beautiful deep reds and blues, and faint traces of former painting.

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