Half way through!

Only two weeks to go to my exhibition!  I’m nearly there, though there are still a scarily lot of things to do.  The fleet of ‘treasure ships’ has been launched.  I just finished the portrait of one of my sea Captains.  




Henry Pinhey was a sweetie who after a dashing youth – he won a medal for saving drowning seamen – was Master of the City of Ottawa, my vessel, for 5 years from 1869.  He was possibly too nice – he gave his men healthy supplements but had endless trouble with drunkenness and riot, and when his first wife died of cancer, tried to get home regularly to visit his daughter.  In 1874 he went to Quebec with his daughter, remarried and ran a ferry for several years.  

As no photographs have survived for the crew of the Ottawa, I have painted portraits of them based on seamen who still sail from Rhyl Harbour.   However this one is based on my husband (who is a sweetie too!).

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